KS 22305

Playground Model KS 22305
Playground Model KS 22305Playground Model KS 22305
Additional Specifications
Designed for Ages: 
2 to 12 years
Structure Dimensions: 
18 ft. X 20 ft.
Minimum Use Zone: 
30 ft X 32 ft.
Maximum Fall Height: 
70 in.
18 to 22 users
1,800 lbs
ADA Accessibility
Elevated Components: 
Accessible Components: 
Ground Level Components: 
Types of Components: 
ADA Comments: 
Requires 1 additional ground level play component for full ADA Compliance.

This playground is available in metal or wood construction, and a variety of colors.

ADA Accessibility
Ground Level:

Requires 1 additional ground level play component for full ADA Compliance.

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We will help you identify the variables that are unique to your organization and give you guidance to make the best choices possible. Kidstruction™ will help you secure the most equipment and best features for your money, while creating an outdoor playset wonderland that will foster physical, mental, and social skills in a secure environment.

Kidstruction™ Playground Equipment

Search our outdoor playground equipment by either age group or price. If you need equipment for a preschool, for example, there is no sense in looking at playground structures designed for 12-year-olds. By the same token, our equipment for 6 to 23-month-olds would be out of place at a local park or on an elementary school playground. We also know that you most likely have a set budget for your needs, so we want you to have a realistic idea of what you can accomplish in terms of price.
Kidstruction™ commercial playground equipment includes swings, slides, bridges, climbers, play panels, and rooftops—elements that make playtime engaging, stimulating and even inspiring for pint-sized minds with immense imaginations. As your little pirates and princesses bring Kidstruction™ structures to life, rest assured that all components are made from the safest and most durable materials available.

Kidstruction™ Accessories and Added Features

In addition to outdoor playsets, Kidstruction™ offers additional accessories such as free-standing play stations, sun shades, and safety surfacing to complete your playground package. If you need features such as park benches, waste receptacles, or even barbecue grills, Kidstruction™ can bring your vision, in its entirety, to fruition.
Contact Kidstruction™ to begin mapping out your vision for kids playground equipment. We offer both the equipment and the technical expertise to help that vision take shape.
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